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  SAFETYSAVES.COM, LLC :: Sale & Clearance :: MSA V-Gard Slotted Cap w/ Fas-Trac Suspension, Standard Size

  MSA V-Gard Slotted Cap w/ Fas-Trac Suspension, Standard Size

MSA V-Gard Slotted Cap w/ Fas-Trac Suspension, Standard Size

The Standard Size (61/2–8 in.) V-Gard Helmet w/ Fas-Trac Suspension consists of a polyethylene shell and suspension system working together as a protection system.

V-Gard Caps and Hats meet or exceed the applicable requirements for a Type I helmet (top impact) as outlined in ANSI Z89.1-2003, Class E, and also as outlined in CSA Z94.1-2005 (Class E) with 1-Touch® and Fas-Trac® suspensions.

V-Gard Caps and Hats are not specifically designed to protect against lateral blows from the front, side, or rear. MSA’s Vanguard™ II Protective Helmets are so designed and must be used if lateral protection is desired. For more information, contact your MSA distributor.
475358(20), 475361(20), 475363(20), 475362(20), 488146(20)

UOM 20/Case
Note Scroll down for colors

Part Number Weight Select Color Price Quantity Image
475358 15.00 White ($) 15.53 See Image
475361 15.00 Orange ($) 14.16 See Image
475363 15.00 Red ($) 15.53 See Image
475362 15.00 Green ($) 14.16 See Image
488146 15.00 Hi-Viz Orange ($) 15.53 See Image

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