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  SafetySaves :: Safety Apparel :: Safety Head, Feets, and Arms Covers :: Anchor Split Cowhide Sleeves and Cape Sleeves

  Anchor Split Cowhide Sleeves and Cape Sleeves

Anchor Split Cowhide Sleeves and Cape Sleeves

Anchor Sleeves

Special tanning makes the leather heat resistant, soft, pliable, and yet very durable
Material Split Cowhide
Closure Type Hook & Loop
Strap Type Bicep
Color Lava Brown
Resistance Heat, Abrasion

Part Number Weight Select Description Price Quantity Image
340-18 2.00 Length 18 in, PR ($) 27.09 See Image
350-23 2.00 Length: 23 in, PR ($) 26.71 See Image
350-23-LHO 1.00 Length: 23 in, LHO ($) 13.36 See Image
350-23-RHO 1.00 Length: 23 in, RHO ($) 13.36 See Image
650-2XL 5.00 Cape Sleeves, 2XL, Each ($) 69.86 See Image
650-3XL 5.00 Cape Sleeves, 3XL, Each ($) 76.28 See Image
650-L 4.00 Cape Sleeves, L, Each ($) 63.53 See Image
650-M 4.00 Cape Sleeves, M, Each ($) 63.53 See Image
650-XL 4.00 Cape Sleeves, XL, Each ($) 63.53 See Image

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